Welcome to the Don't Hug Me, Its a Crossover WikiEdit

DHMIAC is a random crossover based on the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series by Becky Sloan and some other dude I don't remember the name of-. Created by ConfusedUnderfellPapyrus(I WAS HACKED, YAY!!) and co-owned by Kkcantgetright17.

Cast Or SomethingEdit

Papyrus, from Undertale  as Yellow Guy

Twilight Sparkle, From My Little Pony as Red Guy(Kk wanted Sans from Undertale, but I decided Twilight before I told him about it-)

Chica The Chicken, from Five Nights At Freddy's  as Duck Guy

Kkcantgetright17 as Colin The Computer

Max041 As Tony The Talking Clock

Funtime Freddy, also from FNAF  is The Lamp

ConfusedUnderfellPapyrus and Corly share the role of the sketchbook

Flowey from Undertale as Shrignold

Frisk from Undertale as Steak Guy

Chara from Undertale as Spinach Can

Purple Guy from Five Nights At Freddy's as Roy

Selena Midnight Hedgehog form the Undertale AU Wiki Series as The Special One

more soon, more are thought out, but I'm lazy and my arm hurts

Latest activityEdit

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